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Poet (or pirate) shirts are those terribly romantic and debonair shirts that you see the hero (and sometimes the heroine) dashing about in. They are appropriate for many periods and occasions, and also happen to be exceptionally comfortable.

Poet/pirate shirt with colored insert sleeves and pointed collar

 Fancy poet shirt with lace trim and banded collar

 Fancier poet shirt in silk  

Shirts may have a plain or yoke front, and they may have no collar, a plain band collar, pointed collar, or a ruff. Trim can also be added. The fancy shirts shown above are pleated and the collar and cuffs are trimmed. These are not basic gathered shirts!


Peasant shirts are similar to poet/pirate shirts but are much plainer. Peasant shirts don't have collars and typically don't have lace or other embellishments.

Fancy peasant shirt with colored insert sleeves and lace-up front

Plain peasant shirt, one of our simplest designs, shown with yoke front, drawstring sleeves, and no collar or front lacing.

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