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12th Century Gowns

Gown ID:G720, Gown Color:Mauve, Style:12th Century, Sleeve:Long Drop Sleeve with Narrow Black Lace at edge, Trim:Narrow Black Lace at sleeve edge, and skirt edge, Neckline Type:Scoop, Fabric:4-way Stretch Velvet, Chest Measurement:40", Sleeve Length:28.5", Back Length:40".
Gown ID:G743, Gown Color:Silver Dusty Miller, Style:12th Century shown with G739 Sideless Surcoat (Surcote) (sold separately), Sleeve:Long drop sleeve, Trim:None, Neckline Type:Ballet, Fabric:Crushed Stretch Velvet, Chest Measurement:50", Sleeve Length:31.5, Back Length:61".
Gown ID:G745, Gown Color:Golden Brown, Style:Versatile/12th Century, shown with G659 Sideless Surcoat (Surcote) (sold separately), Sleeve:Long Straight, Trim:None, Neckline Type:Ballet, Fabric:stretch velvet, Chest Measurement:up to 42", Sleeve Length:32", Back Length:58".
Gown ID:G746, Gown Color:Royal Blue, Style:12th Century, Sleeve:Long Georgette Drop Sleeve with Florentine trim at bicep, Trim:Florentine trim at bicep, Neckline Type:Scoop, Fabric:Velveteen, Chest Measurement:32", Sleeve Length:30", Back Length:60".
Gown ID:G749, Gown Color:Emerald Green / Black, Style:Versatile, Sleeve:Long Straight, Trim:None, Neckline Type:Scoop, Fabric:stretch velvet, Chest Measurement:38", Sleeve Length:31", Back Length:58".
Gown ID:G752, Gown Color:Plum, Style:12th Century (shown with Diamond Shield Plaque Belt BT0014BZ-ST, not included), Sleeve:Long Drop Sleeve in white cotton with <br>Byzantine trim at bicep, Trim:Byzantine trim at bicep, Neckline Type:Scoop, Fabric:Fine Cotton Spandex, Chest Measurement:40", Sleeve Length:33", Back Length:58.5".
Gown ID:G757, Gown Color:Pale Plum, Style:12th Century (shown with Diamond Shield Plaque Belt BT0014BZ-ST, not included), Sleeve:Long Straight Sleeve with <br>Bullseye Jacquard trim at bicep, Trim:Bullseye Jacquard trim at bicep, Neckline Type:Ballet, Fabric:Cotton Sateen, Chest Measurement:40", Sleeve Length:35.5", Back Length:57".
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These items are hand made, and one of a kind. It may be possible to make an item similar to another one you see.
If you were looking for a particular item and don't see the one you want, call us.
We are working on new items all the time and may have what you're looking for already in process.

Accessories, including belts and circlets, are NOT included, unless otherwise indicated,

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All of our one of a kind items are subject to prior sale. We try to make every effort to remove items from the web as soon as they are sold. However, occasionally something may get overlooked. If this happens we will either duplicate the item, substitute with another item of your choosing or give you a full refund.

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